An Age Old European Family Secret


Providing Immune Support to You and
Your Loved Ones Every Day of the Year

For generations Christiane's Elderberry was a well kept secret. With good reason: It is the only natural remedy supported by strong scientific evidence consistently showing it is effective in helping protect you from Flu and Corona Virus infections*


It is your job to keep your family safe.
We see it as our job to support you with it.

We take pride in our long history of delivering a bespoke Elderberry product meeting the highest standards

  • Unapologatically 100% Organic and Pure

    We believe a product that safeguards your health should not contain anything that could possibly make you sick. Our promise to you is: always pure, always organic.

  • Forest-Grown in the pristine mountains of the Austrian Alps

    Untouched by pollution, fed by pure mountain springs and by the alpine sun,  our Elderberry can take its good time to mature to perfection in the ideal environment for producing an elixir for you.

  • There are many Elderberry varieties but only one that gives you the best results

    Competitive products might use Elderberry varieties grown in high-density plantations for maximum return on investment. Christiane only uses Sambucus Nigra, the Elderberry native to central Europe's vast and lush mountain regions. It is also the variety with the highest concentration of Antioxidants. According to the United States Department of Agriculture our Elderberry has the highest concentration of Anthocyanins of any fruit. What are Anthocyanins? They are considered one of the most important  free radical fighting antioxidants offering anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits .

Just The Science:

"Elderberry has been shown to be effective against upper respiratory tract diseases including some Coronaviruses, and has potential against the current pandemic of Covid-19"


You only want the best for your family. Christiane's Elderberry is it.

  • Stay Healthy

    Christiane's Elderberry provides strong immune system support to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the year.

  • Our Family Recipe

    Our great tasting syrup is prepared according to Christiane's Family Recipe that has been in our family for generations. Not only does it taste delicious, it also provides you with some of the best protection nature has to offer

  • The very best you can do to protect your family

    Christiane's Elderberry contains double the amount of antioxidants of blueberries and significantly more than cranberries. There are currently 87+ scientifically established health benefits and more research to support to effectiveness of daily Elderberry supplementation is coming out every day.

Just The Science:

"Elderberry liquid extract is active against human pathogenic bacteria as well as influenza viruses"

Major Cold
and Flu Relief

Proven to be safe and effective 


Scientifically supported
Health Benefits

No. 1

Highest Concentration of Antioxidants of Any Fruit
Anthocyanins, according to USDA

Super Boost

for your Respiratory System

*read about the science in the FAQ below


Elderberry is truly a miracle of nature. 

  • Anti-Viral Properties, Elderberry has been to be active against bacterial as well as viral infections*

  • Anti-Cancer Properties, strong evidence that elderberry has some cancer preventive properties

  • Anti-Inflammatory, inflammation is the silent killer. Chronic inflammation is one of the most reliable indicators of long term health issues

Just The Science:

"Elderberry extract seems to offer an efficient, safe and cost-effective treatment for influenza"

Scientific Study, Hebrew University, Israel*
Virologist Prof. Dr. Zakay-Rones, Lead Author


Elderberry is a miracle of nature. It has a century long tradition as one of the most important tools in the arsenal of traditional European herbal medicine. The following are some of it's benefits that were handed down from generation:

  • Detoxifying

  • Relaxes sore muscles

  • Supports weight management

  • Relieves Gas

  • Supports Healthy Skin

  • Can treat wounds when applied to skin



Grüß Gott*,
My Name is Christiane

Master Practitioner
of Natural Remedies
since 1968

I have been spellbound with all the remedies mother nature provides to us freely since I was little.


I very vividly remember the moment when, as a young girl, I first discovered and sat down to read a 145 year old book about all the wonderful medicinal herbs and plants growing in our backyard in Austria. I read one paragraph, then couldn't put it down.

I remember thinking: "How amazing is it that so many of the plants I see growing everywhere on my leisure walk though the forest have the power to heal."
On that day, I kept reading for another 6 hours until my mother had to drag me to bed. Well, that bit hasn't really changed since then. I still can not stop reading, learning, researching and discovering new recipes. What you see on this page is the fruit of 50 years of labor (on top of all the effort and work all the previous generations in my family already put into keeping and improving our secret family formula).


*The expression Grüß Gott (originally 'may God bless you') is the

traditional greeting in Austria


Most Bespoke Elderberry product on the market

  • Most Antioxidants, highest concentration of anti-oxidants of any fruit according to USDA.

  • A long list of health benefits
    The list of benefits that have been studied in peer reviewed scientific studies is too long to put on one page. Elderberry w
    as found to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-depressant, anti-tumour and hypoglycemic properties. In another study it was also found to reduce body fat and lipid concentration.

  • Proven to be effective against respiratory infections like the Flu and some Corona Viruses. Ongoing research with very promising first results regarding effectiveness against SARS-COV 2 (COVID 19)

  • Helps constipation.
    Not only strengthens the immune system, Christiane's Elderberry also helps with indigestion, supports healthy skin and soothes upset stomach.

Just The Science:

"Elderberry Supplementation
Reduces Cold Duration and Symptoms"

Scientific Study, Griffith University, Australia*

Dr. Evelin Tiralongo, Lead Author


Century long tradition and scientific studies is one part of the story. But it only goes so far.
What our customers say about us is the more important other part.

William Johnson

Hurlington, NY

A must have during flu season

“Christiane, you are a life saver. Before I started using your families Elderberry syrup I was struck down with the flu about 4 or 5 times each winter. I haven't spend a day sick since I found you. You are a treasure!”

Melissa Houser

Charleston, SC

No comparison, Christiane's is the best!

“My family and I take a cup of Christiane's Elderberry everyday. During Flu Season, whenever one of us feels like a flu infection is taking hold we just double the dose. In 5 years none of us has spend a day in bed with the flu. It's amazing!”

Josephine Bailey

Phoenix, AZ

Never want to go without it

“I travel a lot for work and it's hardly a secret how easy it is to catch "a bug" on an airplane. With Christiane's I don't fret sitting on a plane full of coughing and sneezing passengers because I know I'm protected.”

Preston Swarts

Plymout, IN

No one should do Midwestern Winter without it

“Winter in  the Midwest provides stunning vistas but the temperatures also bring nasty colds. Since discovering Christiane's, I have recommended it to all my friends. It used to be that I mostly hung out with them in summer. Suddenly I get to hang out with them much more in winter too. I wonder why? :-)”


6 Bottles of Christiane's Elderberry

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with Christiane's products contact our support, your original payment method will be credited with the full order (minus shipping and handling) amount as soon as possible.

  • Try Our "You Be the Judge" Guarantee

  • Completely Risk Free

  • Full refund. No questions asked.

Franz Stockenhausen

Quality Control & Customer Satisfaction Lead, Christiane's Natural Products


Here we try to answer any remaining questions you may have
and we tell you everything you may want to know about the science backing our products effecacy

What variety of Elderberry do you use?

* Tell me more about the science. How can you backup your claims?

Glad you asked. We appreciate the opportunity to show that there is so much more backing this than just our experience.


Here is a list of the peer-reviewed scientific studies that support a wide range of health benefits:



Tell me more about all the different health benefits of Elderberry

What other products do you offer?

Can I come visit you in Austria?

Yes, please! (After this whole Corona ordeal is over... :-)

Before Corona we did organize yearly study trips to the pristine Austrian mountains to give our friends and customers an opportunity to learn about the many century long traditions around natural healing remedies in Austria. These trips are the highlight of the year for our guests and for us alike!

At this time and because it is unclear when travel for leisure will be safe again no such trips are schedule. To stay up to date when we are planning to organize the next one, please use the form just below to subscribe to our newsletter and you will be the first to know about the next trip!.

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